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Global Outreach

Face of Joy International brings joy to the nations through its global outreach mission trips around the globe where a variety of the needs of the less privileged are addressed including that of those facing hard times due to famine, war and other perils.

Empowered by donors, Face of Joy International does whatever it takes to make a lasting difference in the lives of the poor. The most disadvantaged nations and community groups are our priority in everything we do. Face of Joy International is passionate about feeding the hungry and poor, and helping the needy. We offer counselling, help pay rent for homeless families and those out of work until they find jobs. We strive to be a face of joy to single parents and orphanages in Africa, and sponsor families experiencing famine in Sudan and other war-torn countries. With financial support, we hope to build a home with school facilities for orphans, providing books and clothing for them.

Our mission in the UK is to support the international global work for the poor in African countries and Asia. We are prepared to travel around the world to be a face of joy to the needy.

Mission Trip to Rwanda


Mission Trip to India


Mission Trip to Benin