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Community Activities

Face of Joy International engages in various community-oriented activities from within the London Borough of Greenwich in the UK and internationally with a focus on healthcare, education and poverty alleviation.

On healthcare, Face of Joy International assists healthcare professionals by carrying out health awareness campaign where healthcare is provided such as basic medical checks like blood pressure and blood glucose levels, as well as, provision of health advice, counselling, referrals to appropriate organisations. This helps promote health consciousness and well-being of residents in the community. The health awareness campaign extends to countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean apart from Europe. Face of Joy International travels all over the world to organise medical camps where the less privileged are supported with basic healthcare checks like diabetes test, blood pressure test, and other basic health observation checks like temperature, respiration and oxygen saturation levels.

On education, Face of Joy International runs health awareness workshops on mental health, anxiety, depression, physical health, nutrition awareness, and partners with other organisations in delivering workshops that are of educational benefit to residents of the community. Face of Joy International is also expanding its computer facilities to provide regular educational support programmes for young people including things like CV writing and job search. Some of the educational workshops that have been delivered include workshops on health awareness, personal training, photography and art. These activities hold for several weeks at a time and are normally advertised through flyers and social media so be expectant and lookout for these upcoming events.

On poverty alleviation, Face of Joy International supports the homeless and less privileged in the community to help them find support so that they can be re-integrated into society. Activities include maintaining a food bank, feeding the community, providing free sandwiches three times a week, provision of clothes, etc. Face of Joy International receives used clothes and gives them out to those in need on request. The target group is the homeless and less privileged. Face of Joy International also supports single parents, orphans and families undergoing hardship due to famine, war and other perils with cash and other gift items through outreaches it conducts around the world.

Furthermore, Face of Joy International provides advice, counselling and support to people experiencing family challenges,

A free session for chats, advice and awareness program

and conducts healthcare campaigns at unsocial hours to places like Afro-Caribbean shops and other events in the local community,

as well as, global outreach missions to local churches, government house, orphanages, widows, schools and mental institutions where time is spent listening to the plight of people and effort is made to supply their needs including feeding, healthcare, cash donations, school items and clothes.

Apart from occasional events that take place every now and then, Face of Joy International holds weekly activities in line with its focus areas to bring joy to the people in the community. These are:-

  1. Sundays from 2pm to 4pm – Worship Service & Hot Meal in a warm, relaxing and friendly environment.
  2. Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm – Relationship Eve, an interdenominational Bible study to teach, study and equip.
  3. Wednesdays to Fridays from 10am to 2pm – Free sandwich pick up.
  4. Fridays from 10am to 1pm – Drop-in sessions.
  5. Fridays 1pm to 2pm – Yoke Breaker, a lunch hour prayer session for the sick, students, businesses, career, salvation, marriages & more.