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About Us

Face of Joy International is a UK based charity with international scope of operations. It was set up with the aim of bringing joy to the nations. This is done through various community-oriented activities that are focused on healthcare, education and poverty alleviation.

Face of Joy International carries out health awareness campaign and holds workshops across the London borough of Greenwich to promote the healthiness and well-being of residents of the community. Face of Joy International also provides advice, counselling and support to people experiencing family challenges, and partners with other organisations in delivering workshops that are of educational benefit to residents of the community. In addition, Face of Joy International works with the homeless and less privileged in the community to help them find support for poverty alleviation so that they can be re-integrated into society.

Furthermore, Face of Joy International conducts joy-bringing outreaches to churches, medical establishments, schools, orphanages and mental health institutions during which the needs of people in communities are administered to mainly in the areas of poverty alleviation and healthcare including divine health and prosperity of the soul. The outreaches that Face of Joy International conducts extend around the globe, but is directed mainly to African and Asian countries including Nigeria, Benin, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, India and the Philippines.

Face of Joy International is a registered charity in England and Wales with number 1163695 and is located in the London Borough of Greenwich, which is its primary place of business.

Founder’s Message:

I remember the faithful night I encountered the Lord vividly…an assignment I was commissioned into by the Holy Spirit. I was instructed Go and raise up faces of Joy all over the Nations of the world. He gave the Name: Face of Joy, he protected and defended the Name. Through it all I realised why the pain, struggles, fear and disappointment was all about. But my eyes, mind was set like a flint…if I die I die but woe is me if I do not preach the gospel. Limitations knew I was not backing away because I realised from the onset that I am a simple instrument that can be easily replaced by the almighty hence I don’t take kingdom assignment lightly. Ministry can be very lonely…many times you must be totally misunderstood…but I realised that God will only give you what you can handle. My new age will come with greater tenacity to make global difference in the World and the Church…pray for us that is our greatest desire. We covet your prayers in Jesus name.”

Evangelist Ezinne Ikiebe