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Face of Joy International is a UK based charity, operating from the Royal Borough of Greenwich with international outreach, that supports
the less privileged via education, healthcare and poverty alleviation projects. It was set up with the aim of bringing joy to the nations by
making a difference in the lives of people.

Face of Joy International carries out community-oriented activities that are focused on healthcare, education and poverty alleviation. These activities are of a charitable nature with the aim of making a positive impact in the lives of people not just in the London Borough of Greenwich, but also across the UK and in many nations of the world.

Furthermore, Face of Joy International provides advice, counselling and support to people experiencing family challenges, and conducts healthcare campaigns at unsocial hours to places like Afro-Caribbean shops and other events in the local community, as well as, global outreach missions to local churches, government house, orphanages, widows, schools and mental institutions where time is spent listening to the plight of people and effort is made to supply their needs including feeding, healthcare, cash donations, school items and clothes.

Face of Joy International works with volunteers who contribute diverse set of skills in the work that it carries out and also receives donations and funding from several sources.

What We Provide

Health Care

Face of Joy International assists healthcare professionals by carrying out health awareness campaign where healthcare is provided such as basic medical checks like blood pressure and blood glucose levels, as well as, provision of health advice, counselling, referrals to appropriate organisations. This helps promote health consciousness and well-being of residents in the community. This health awareness campaign extends to countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean apart from Europe.


Face of Joy International runs health awareness workshops on mental health, anxiety, depression, physical health, nutrition awareness, and partners with other organisations in delivering workshops that are of educational benefit to residents of the community. Face of Joy International is also expanding its computer facilities to provide regular educational support programmes for young people including things like CV writing and job search.

Poverty Alleviation

Face of Joy International supports the homeless and less privileged in the community to help them find support so that they can be re-integrated into society. Activities include maintaining a food bank, feeding the community, providing free sandwiches three times a week, provision of clothes, etc. Face of Joy International also supports single parents, orphans and families undergoing hardship due to famine, war and other perils with cash and other gift items such as clothes.

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Mission Trip to Benin Rebuplic

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Donation Alert!!!

As we prepare for missions to Uganda, Kenya, India, United States, Benin Republic, Nigeria and South Africa and other projects we have outstanding, we ask for your URGENT financial support.


About Us

Face of Joy emerged through the vision of John 20:20 which was born on the 23rd of February 2010. At 4am, I was awakened hearing this scripture said aloud. Immediately I got up, took my Bible and read it. I wondered at first what God meant and why He gave me that scripture ...

I remember the faithful night I encountered the Lord assignment I was commissioned into by the Holy Spirit. I was instructed Go and raise up faces of Joy all over the Nations of the world.

Global Outreach

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